Meet The Mae



Where are you from?

I live in small town, Louisiana, but was born in raised in the Metro-Detroit area.

When is your birthday?

May 10 // Taurus

Why did you create The Mae Life?

The Mae Life was started on January 11, 2017. It was kind of a New Year’s resolution for me.

I wanted an outlet to share some of the most interesting parts of my life, and help others find the same. If I can help just one person have a better travel experience, make a new delicious food, or get their dogs the best in town, I have done my duty.

Who is in that picture with you?

That is my fiance, Taylor. We are an LGBT couple, and will be getting married…whenever money is right.


What kinds of dogs do you have?

We have a German Shepherd, named Shasta. She is three. Shasta is Taylor’s service dog. We also have a dachshund, named Cookie. Her age is unknown, but it is probably around ten years.



Do you have any  other pets?

I have two cats that live with my Dad and brother in Michigan. Tigger, and Teddy. They are brother and sister, and very cute.


We also frequently rescue stray/lost animals and foster them for the night. Then we get them to a place for adequate care and long-term fostering or adoption. For example, this is Noelle, who we rescued a little bit before Christmas. She had three small wounds in her side, so we took her in, fed her, gave her a warm place to sleep, and got her to the appropriate care facility.


If you have any other questions or concerns,

feel free to comment or shoot me an email at