Valentine’s Day Gifts Your Man Will Actually Want.


Alright. I am going to come out and say it. I am not in a relationship with a man, but I sure do know that they DO NOT want another throw away gift. Stop with the teddy bears, the funny boxers or ties with the hearts on them. Here is a list of some ideas, that would make your man’s Valentine’s day one to remember, instead of one that leaves useless junk.

Give them something they will like. Something that shows that you know him as well as he knows you. He deserves that, doesn’t he?

  1.  Has he ever expressed an interest in playing paintball with his buddies? Is there a billboard for a paintball center that always seems to catch his eye? Call around and see how much it would cost for him and his friends to go a few rounds. Join them – if you’re brave enough. Photo credit: LEGOpb
  2. Does he watch comedy specials on TV? Check out the websites of a few of his favorites, and see if they will be coming around any time soon. Get him tickets for a night of laughs, with you – the one he loves most. funny
  3. Athletic type? Get tickets to see a game with him. Baseball season is coming around soon. jv
  4. Does he drool when he looks at an exotic car? There are lots of locations around the U.S. where you can go to DRIVE some of those cars. See if you can make his day by letting him drive the car of his dreams.fer.jpg
  5. Another car idea – get him tickets to go to an auto show. Let him look at the new makes, models, and modded cars that are on show. auto
  6. Everyone has something they’ve always wanted to learn how to do. For me, its dancing. For your man, it might be playing the guitar, learning how to fly a small plane, or try golf. Get him a private lesson so he can test it out.plane
  7. Does he have a hobby? Get him something that suits his interest. Whether it’s video games or cooking, find a memorable gift that he can use.controller
  8. Find an arcade. Battle each other in silly games. Make it a challenge. arcade
  9. Give him Valentine’s day off. Tell him that YOU’RE planning the night. Maybe even go as far as finding a cozy getaway spot for the two of you. It might be nice for him to not have to worry about setting everything up.hotel
  10. If all of these are too expensive, or not his style…make him dinner. Food is the key to the heart. Grab his favorite drink. Have a relaxing, stress free night at home. Throw together a salad, and a little romance.


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