Detroit in 3 Days


Detroit is very near and dear to my heart. It was the closest large city when I was growing up, so I have had many day trips downtown. This is a three day itinerary for someone who wants to experience a long weekend, or short vacation, in the renaissance city.


8:00 AM: Wake up, and get ready.

9:00 AM: Have breakfast at The Hudson Cafe

10:15 AM: Head to The Henry Ford Museum


Have Lunch at the Museum

1:00 PM: Cross over to Greenfield Village


4:00 PM: Leave the Museum, head downtown.

4:45: Have dinner at Tony V’s Tavern

6:00 PM: Head to the Detroit Institute of Arts

(They are open late ONLY on Friday)


9:00 PM Leave the DIA.

9:30 PM: Have a drink and snack at Northern Lights Lounge

10:30 PM: Head back to your hotel.


9:30 AM: Wake up, and get ready.

10:30 AM Head downtown, and find a parking spot

Try the Greektown Casino Parking Structure.

11:00 AM: Have greek brunch at Pegasus Tavernas


12:30 PM: Leave Pegasus Tavernas

Take The People Mover to The Renaissance Center

1:00 PM: Walk to Mariner’s Church Historical Marker

The Guardian Building

The Spirit of Detroit


The Monument to Joe Louis

The Michigan Labor Legacy Monument

Hart Plaza

Finally, end up in Campus Martius.

Enjoy the band, or the ice skaters.

3:00 PM: Have a Coney dog at American Coney Island AND Lafayette Coney Island


Pick a favorite.

4:00 PM: Walk down to Michigan Avenue People Mover Station

Go to Grand Circus Park People Mover Station

Walk to:

The Fillmore Theatre

The Fox Theatre


Comerica Park

Ford Field

5:45 PM: Walk back to Grand Circus People Mover Station

Head back to Greektown

 Stop at Astoria Pastry Shop


Snag some dessert that doesn’t need refrigeration

Head to your car.

6:20 PM: Park between Union Street Restaurant and Max M Fisher Music Center

Have dinner at Union Street.

7:45 PM: Head down to the Music Center and see the Detroit Symphony Orchestra


11:00 PM: Head back to the hotel


9:30 AM: Wake up, get ready.

10:30 AM: Head to Rose’s Fine Food

Pick up a picnic basket


11:00 AM: Head to Belle Isle

Have a picnic


12:00 PM: Take a tour through The Belle Isle Aquarium

1:00 PM: Leave Belle Isle, head to The Detroit Zoo

1:45 PM: Arrive at the Zoo.


4:30 PM: Leave The Detroit Zoo.

5:00 PM: Drive downtown, to the Renaissance Center

5:45 PM: Sit down and finish your trip with a skyline dinner from:

Andiamo Riverfront


Coach Insignia Detroit


7:30 PM: Head back to the hotel, and pack up.

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Disclaimer: I do not claim credit for any photos pictured here.

5 Travel Accessories You Never Knew You Needed


I have been doing quite a bit of travel this year, and I have come to notice that there are some items that I definitely should have invested in. In order to make your life easier, and save you from a world of first-world hurt, here are some items that you never knew you needed, but will want them when you see them.

1.) Belkin 6-Outlet SurgeMaster 

I am putting this on the list, because I always seem to forget that there are never enough outlets in convenient places when I stay at hotels. I also use many different devices, like my iPhone, my iPad, my laptop, my FitBit, and my portable charging packs.


2.) Anker Astro E1 5200mAh Candy bar-Sized Ultra Compact Portable Charger 

Speaking of portable charging packs, some people still don’t know these exist. These are the lifesaver for your devices when you are on the go. If you leave at 8 o-clock and don’t know if you are going to have access to an outlet anytime soon, definitely have one of these to have with you. This one in particular can charge an iPhone 6 twice before needing to be charged up again. Perfect if you’re going to be playing videos, taking pictures, or using your GPS all day.


3.) Vlando Small Faux Leather Travel Jewelry Box 

I can not tell you how much I wish I would have found this sooner. I have been packing my jewelry in small zip-lock bags, or in small gift boxes for TOO LONG. This is a beautiful, affordable solution to my problems, and maybe yours too.


4.) Travel Stub Diary

I love saving all of my ticket stubs from museums, tours, boat rides, zoos, aquariums…anyplace that gives a ticket. If I don’t put them in one of my travel shadow boxes, this is a cute and quirky place to keep them.


5.)Anywhere Travel Guide: 75 Cards for Discovering the Unexpected

This is an amazing way to challenge yourself to experience new things. If you’re travelling with others, split the deck in half and make it a game. You never know what you’re missing out on because of your inhibitions.


That’s all folks! I hope you enjoyed this list. Feel free to check out the travel tag to find more posts that might suit your fancy.

New Orleans in 3 Days


This past September, I went on a girl’s trip with my fiance Taylor, and my best friend Jessie. We decided to go to New Orleans, since Jessie and I have never been, and Taylor and I live in Louisiana. The 3 day amount is assuming you have arrived, and are ready to explore.

I decided to share an itinerary for anyone who may be looking to take a long weekend in the Big Easy.

I STRONGLY recommend that if you have never been to New Orleans before, you purchase a map like this. The streets and streetcar routes can get you twisted, and you can waste a lot of time hassling with a GPS.

Laminated New Orleans Map by Borch (English Edition)

I have hyperlinked a lot of locations to make them easier for you to research.

Note: This  contains A LOT of streetcar riding. Please note that Mardi Gras season will mean packed streetcars. You may want to consider alternate transport if it is busy.

Day One: Casual Day

8:00 AM: Wake up, and get ready.

9:00 AM: Have breakfast at Tartine.

10:00 AM: Arrive at the The Audubon Zoo.


Park in the Audubon Park.

1:00 PM: Lunch at The Audubon Clubhouse Cafe.

2:00 PM: Leave Cafe, head to The Audubon Aquarium.

2:30 PM: Arrive at the Aquarium, take photos on the riverfront.


5:00 PM: Leave the Aquarium.

5:30 PM: Catch the Canal/Algiers Point Ferry

6:30 PM:  Arrive back at Canal St. Take a Streetcar down to Bourbon.

P.S. You can purchase passes for a day or more to save money!

7:00 Walk Bourbon and have dinner at The Hard Rock Cafe – New Orleans


8:30 PM: Have a drink at a club on Bourbon.

10:00 PM: Take a Streetcar back to Canal St.

10:30 PM: Head back to Hotel

Day Two: Dressy Casual Day

8:30 AM: Wake up, and get ready!

9:30 AM: Breakfast at Slim Goodie’s Diner.

10:20 AM: Arrive at Mardi Gras World.


11:00 AM: Leave Mardi Gras World.

Head to the French Quarter.

Park at Canal Place Mall

12:00 PM: Take a Streetcar down to Cafe Du Monde 

Have Beignets for Lunch!

1:00 PM: Cut across to Jackson Square/St. Louis Cathedral


1:45 PM: Take the Streetcar all the way back to Canal

Take the Streetcar up Canal to Royal Street

Do some Shopping!

Consider taking the streetcar back to canal to take your bags back.

3:00 PM: Take the streetcar on canal to St. Louis Cemetery No. 1

4:00 Take the streetcars down to Frenchmen St.


Walk Frenchmen Street, Catch a show at The Spotted Cat Jazz Club.

8:00 PM: Take a streetcar back to Canal

9:00 PM: Catch an Adult Show on Bourbon

10:00 PM: Catch the Streetcar back (Last ride is about 10:45)

10:45 Head back to the hotel.

Day Three: Dressy-Casual

8:00 AM: Wake up, get ready!

9:00 AM: Head to the French Quarter

Take Streetcar up Canal to N. Peters at St. Louis

Walk to/ have breakfast at Brennan’s.

10:30 AM: Leave Brennan’s, Head down to the Natchez Steamboat


11:30 AM: Daytime Jazz Cruise on the Natchez Steamboat

1:30 PM: Head to Lunch at Ralph’s on the Park

2:30: Go to the New Orleans Museum of Art

5:00 PM: Leave the museum, head back to the French Quarter

Park near Bourbon Street, walk down to Preservation Hall

Eat a Snack

6:00 PM: Watch a show at Preservation Hall


8:30 PM: Dinner at Restaurant R’evolution

10:00 Take streetcar back to Canal

10:30 PM: Head back to hotel

That’s it! New Orleans in three, long days.

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Disclaimer: This itinerary varies slightly from the one I took, to capture more of New Orleans.