New Orleans in 3 Days


This past September, I went on a girl’s trip with my fiance Taylor, and my best friend Jessie. We decided to go to New Orleans, since Jessie and I have never been, and Taylor and I live in Louisiana. The 3 day amount is assuming you have arrived, and are ready to explore.

I decided to share an itinerary for anyone who may be looking to take a long weekend in the Big Easy.

I STRONGLY recommend that if you have never been to New Orleans before, you purchase a map like this. The streets and streetcar routes can get you twisted, and you can waste a lot of time hassling with a GPS.

Laminated New Orleans Map by Borch (English Edition)

I have hyperlinked a lot of locations to make them easier for you to research.

Note: This  contains A LOT of streetcar riding. Please note that Mardi Gras season will mean packed streetcars. You may want to consider alternate transport if it is busy.

Day One: Casual Day

8:00 AM: Wake up, and get ready.

9:00 AM: Have breakfast at Tartine.

10:00 AM: Arrive at the The Audubon Zoo.


Park in the Audubon Park.

1:00 PM: Lunch at The Audubon Clubhouse Cafe.

2:00 PM: Leave Cafe, head to The Audubon Aquarium.

2:30 PM: Arrive at the Aquarium, take photos on the riverfront.


5:00 PM: Leave the Aquarium.

5:30 PM: Catch the Canal/Algiers Point Ferry

6:30 PM:  Arrive back at Canal St. Take a Streetcar down to Bourbon.

P.S. You can purchase passes for a day or more to save money!

7:00 Walk Bourbon and have dinner at The Hard Rock Cafe – New Orleans


8:30 PM: Have a drink at a club on Bourbon.

10:00 PM: Take a Streetcar back to Canal St.

10:30 PM: Head back to Hotel

Day Two: Dressy Casual Day

8:30 AM: Wake up, and get ready!

9:30 AM: Breakfast at Slim Goodie’s Diner.

10:20 AM: Arrive at Mardi Gras World.


11:00 AM: Leave Mardi Gras World.

Head to the French Quarter.

Park at Canal Place Mall

12:00 PM: Take a Streetcar down to Cafe Du Monde 

Have Beignets for Lunch!

1:00 PM: Cut across to Jackson Square/St. Louis Cathedral


1:45 PM: Take the Streetcar all the way back to Canal

Take the Streetcar up Canal to Royal Street

Do some Shopping!

Consider taking the streetcar back to canal to take your bags back.

3:00 PM: Take the streetcar on canal to St. Louis Cemetery No. 1

4:00 Take the streetcars down to Frenchmen St.


Walk Frenchmen Street, Catch a show at The Spotted Cat Jazz Club.

8:00 PM: Take a streetcar back to Canal

9:00 PM: Catch an Adult Show on Bourbon

10:00 PM: Catch the Streetcar back (Last ride is about 10:45)

10:45 Head back to the hotel.

Day Three: Dressy-Casual

8:00 AM: Wake up, get ready!

9:00 AM: Head to the French Quarter

Take Streetcar up Canal to N. Peters at St. Louis

Walk to/ have breakfast at Brennan’s.

10:30 AM: Leave Brennan’s, Head down to the Natchez Steamboat


11:30 AM: Daytime Jazz Cruise on the Natchez Steamboat

1:30 PM: Head to Lunch at Ralph’s on the Park

2:30: Go to the New Orleans Museum of Art

5:00 PM: Leave the museum, head back to the French Quarter

Park near Bourbon Street, walk down to Preservation Hall

Eat a Snack

6:00 PM: Watch a show at Preservation Hall


8:30 PM: Dinner at Restaurant R’evolution

10:00 Take streetcar back to Canal

10:30 PM: Head back to hotel

That’s it! New Orleans in three, long days.

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Disclaimer: This itinerary varies slightly from the one I took, to capture more of New Orleans.